Every novel medium opens up a new world of artistic possibilities. Computing might be useful for other purposes, but it can also be an exciting medium for artistic expression, in many different forms. This website is mainly about my personal exploration in this landscape. I am not by any means the first and I certainly have lots to learn. I hope that I can come up with a few things that will encourage you to have a go.


My personal talents and inclinations involve looking at techniques that require a bit of maths background. You can go a long way without that, but it lets me do things that many others would not find so easy. In spite of that I want to avoid (at least at present) the extremes of mathematical art, where you need a maths degree just to understand the context of the image. (Mathematical art has a long history - some of it is quite technical, and aimed at a very knowledgeable audience.) I want to produce stuff that may require a bit of maths support in constructing the image, but the image should stand on it own.


On this site you will find some of the programs that I have constructed. The images on this website are copyright Michael McEllin (unless otherwise noted). You may, however, download the programs and use them freely  to produce your own work - but I would be grateful for some acknowledgement. In most cases you will find that your interaction with the software will produce results that look very different to mine. The programs are tools, like brushes and pencils, not image recipes. (Furthermore, the most recent images published here are usually produced with program versions that I am in the process of "tweaking" to get the results I want. I only put the final version on this site when it is stable, and I have moved on to something else. In general, they are always work in progress.)

You may learn something about writing computer programs along the way. (I constructed this site partly to show that programming was not just for techno-nerds. It could also be seriously useful to artistic types. Nevertheless, I also use this site to promote programming in the purely technical projects that I sometimes support in local schools.)

I suggest you look at the Artful Computing page first.

Or else, you may first wish to explore the Generative Art Galleries.